2YK offers cheap international calling services from Canada and USA to all overseas, Save on your phone bills with our low cost calling rates and plans.
International Calling Iran

Call Iran from Canada and USA, 2YK offer lowest calls rates to Iran Land line and Mobile, Low cast long distance calling to Iran. No need of expensive Iran phone calling cards.

Minutes To Call Iran
Price Landline Minutes Mobile Minutes
$5.50 39 39
$11.00 85 85
$22.00 170 170
$55.00 426 426
  • No Maintenance fee or Connection fee
  • No Rental fee or Administration fee
  • No Hidden fees
  • 1 Minute Rounding
  • Activates Instantly
  • Pinless Dialing
  • Rechargeable Pin
  • 24/7 customer service

Buy Iran Calling Cards to Decrease Your Phone Bill

Are you living abroad or far away from your native country due to business need or studies or for exploring any new destination? In either case you may feel the need to frequently call back to your native country like Iran or any other from that place. This time 2YK has brought international calling cards through which you can call to Iran. You may get the cost effective and well connected call to Iran like country. We have brought many country specific calling cards with various calling plans for our customers.

Iran phone card which you will get from 2YK will have many additional features through which you will be able to make the calls to Iran or any other country. If you are in the USA or Canada and want to make the call through which you won’t have to pay much for making international calls, then you can make cheap call to Iran from USA, we have brought these cards, which do not have additional cost and are able to provide the user a good experience and a new way with which they can hear the voice of their loved ones, living in Iran.

Our 24*7 active customer care can also provide you complete information of making the international calls to any country and if you want to know the details and information of any specific country, then they will provide you the same in no time. Iran calling cards can provide you the facility to call to Iran from the USA or Canada. So if you are in either these countries and wish to make the international call back to Iran, then buying our card can save your bill and provide you the best experience of calling to such country without any hassle.

Even using of these cards include dialing to local access number, then the code of country like Iran and the number of your destined country. Pinless dialing even can decrease the length of procedure as a result of which you can avail the calling to these country quickly. Moreover, if you dial any same number frequently and do not want to follow the dialing procedure every day, the speed dialing can be a good option for you. Through speed dialing you can register these numbers, even from your online account and dial them from anywhere.

Who use 2YK to Call Iran?
People who live in USA and Canada for various reasons like Business, Jobs, Students, or to enjoy traveling. They generally wants to keep in touch with family and friends in Iran. Moreover international calls to Iran from USA or Canada can are very expensive with physical calling cards.
For international business purpose, cost effective communication is very important. You always need to be in touch with your business partners and company representative in Iran. 2YK provide you best voice quality cheap international calls to Iran.
Doing Jobs in a foreign country like USA and Canada from Iran can take you far from home for long time. To overcome this long distance communication gap 2YK provide a cheap and easy solution to make calls to Iran.
Millions of students from Iran are studying in USA and Canada. And looking for inexpensive and reliable calling solutions to make cheap calls to Iran.
Lots of people traveled USA and Canada from Iran, while traveling you always need to keep in touch with your loved one. 2YK provides you best quality cheap international calling services to Iran.

In this vast technological world, 2YK makes international calling to Iran much cheaper and easier than earlier expectation. Now with our services and products, Users are able to make cheap calls to Iran on mobile and land-line.
How to call Iran with 2YK
Our calls are free from different charges like connection fee, rental fee, administration fee, hidden charges or expensive access numbers. There is 9% service fee applicable with the amount of transaction only. 2YK international calling services to Iran is cheaper than physical calling cards to Iran from USA and Canada. Calling Iran with 2YK is very easy to use. Our service gives great user experience to our customers.

Our advanced technology make calls easier than ever before whenever calling to Iran. Just create your account, Select calling location and calling plans to Iran, Find local access number to Iran, Dial 011 and country code 98 for Iran followed by the destination number. Simply log into your account to recharge or contact 24x7 customer support to recharge. You can set your account for auto recharge also.
Country code for Iran (98)