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How to Call Internationally - From Canada and USA.

International calling: Country codes, Area codes, Phone books..

This website's mission is to provide its visitors with comprehensive and up to date information on how to dial internationally from the USA, Canada or from any other country. Telephone country codes and international area codes are provided for each country with additional information featured such as cell phone codes, telephone books and time zones.

Quick international dialing procedure:

International dialing sequence is following as below when call from one country to another:
  • Dial the IDD(International Direct Dialing Number) : IDD number is used as exit code for the source country from where you do calls. Use the correct IDD is important because other countries have different IDD numbers.
  • Dial the destination country code: Each country has specific country code which comes after then IDD number. Some countries share the same country code. For example United States, Canada, and much of the Caribbean and Guam use country code 1.
  • Dial the city and area code of the number you are dialing : Larger countries have the different area city code according to location. Dial area code of the city is comes after the dialing ISD Code.
  • Dial the phone number you are calling.