2YK offers cheap international calling services from Canada and USA to all overseas, Save on your phone bills with our low cost calling rates and plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What if I don't have an Email ID?
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  • Information Security?
  • How can I buy phone cards online
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  • How to check my current and previous orders
  • What is your return policy
  • What is your coupons policy
  • Is there any other charge included with this Plan?
  • How can I use my phone card
  • Who to contact if I have a problem with the phone card
  • How do I add more minutes to my phone card
  • What is a PINLESS phone card
  • What is a RECHARGEABLE phone card
  • What is speed dial
  • What is local access card
  • How much money is remaining on my phone card
  • Where can I find detailed information about phone cards
  • When does my phone card expire
  • Can I use the phone card outside USA
  • What is Rate/Minute or Cents/Minute
  • What is rounding
  • What are additional charges
  • How is it different to call on a cell phone
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  • What is Payphone Surcharges
  • How 2YK.com's rates compare to Long-distance service providers