2YK offers cheap international calling services from Canada and USA to all overseas, Save on your phone bills with our low cost calling rates and plans.
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Cheap long distance international calling from 2YK.com

2YK provides premium quality international calling services with cheap call rates and plans. With 2YK, you can easily buy virtual phone calling cards with your convenience. By using advanced telecommunication technology we have made long distance calling processes very simple with virtual calling cards. We simply work and follow the procedure which provides cheap calling rates and plans, Now you don't need to purchase any physical phone cards or calling cards. Just visit our website www.2yk.com to Register or Login to your account, recharge your PIN with easy and user-friendly interface, or by just calling our 24x7 customer care number. 2YK use hacking proof and secure online processing system for our valuable customers. Here your credit card transactions are always safe and secure. More...
We provide the best way to make cheap international calls.
  • Best international calling rates.
  • Call from any cell phone or landline.
  • No Maintenance fee or connection fee.
  • No Rental fee or administration fee.
  • No hidden fees.
  • 1 minute rounding.
  • Activates instantly.
  • Pinless dialing.
  • Rechargeable Pin.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • Calls to anywhere and anytime.

Why do we use 2YK International calling services?

Sometimes before calling friends and family from USA and Canada to all overseas was an expensive burden. 2YK uses advanced technology with telecommunications network that has to provide high-quality long distance calling. When you compare 2yk with other physical international calling cards or phone cards, than you realize what actually they offer? 2YK offers virtual calling cards that makes international calling easy and user friendly. With our online cheap international calling services, we always consider your prominent needs. Most of the calling card service provider offers different-different services, features, fees or calling rates. Always prefer and look for services that make easy calls and allows to manage account or provide best customer support.

We want to ensure that our all customers receive the best possible services to meet their needs in 2YK. As per customers need and requirement we offer speed dial and pinless dial features that enhance the services and provide you easy way to place your calls. 2YK provides easy option to view your call history, payment schedule and billing information and also offer email, FAQs section and live chat support. Close...